Promise ring? and i too young?

in 14 turning 15 and bf is 15 turning 16

he wants to get me a promise ring to show how much he cares about me.
For me and him it was love at first sight.
am i too young? the ring isnt for marrige or anything, its for showing how much he cares about me.
Your not too young if it's just a promise ring.
It's cute.
most girls would hang me for this but i don't believe in promise rings it's just one more thing that today's society expects guys to do. in my opionion if you love a girl you don't need that promise ring to show your love. But at the same time you are still young and i really do not think somebody that young can know what true love really is.
no,it means he is
committing himself to
you.i think it is cute.…
a promise ring isnt an engagement ring so you dont need to get your knickers in a knot over it. Its just a sweet gesture.
if ur mom does not ask u bout the ring, like where and how u got it, then its ok.
and ur not too young. love does not have a age :)
A ring is just a ring.
Take the ring...even if it doesnt work least you have a nice piece of jewelry
You're not too young. And it is a cute gesture.
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